Trinityplay server gemenskap


On Trinityplay, we do our best to make sure everybody is having a good time. Because in the end; why even play if you're not having fun?

We're certain that we have a few of the best community members there are out there, positivity and great fun flows on our servers!

Our servers

Public Servers

All Trinityplay servers are public. This means that everyone can join. We have it like this because of the simple fact that we believe that everybody deserves a chance to join in on the fun and quality of Trinityplay!

We're able to hold all servers public since we have active admins and staff that enforce our rules.

Our servers

Stable servers

Our servers have 99% uptime and great performance. Say goodbye to inappropriate lag and bad tickrate!

Every single server is owned by us, which gives us the ability to maintain full control of everything that happens. And thanks to our weekly server restarts (every wednesday at 12:00 CEST) our servers remain healthy and clean!

VĂ¥ra servrar

Our servers

Here are some of our most popular servers. You can connect to them easily by clicking the "Connect" button!

Teamspeak 3

Our Teamspeak is up 24/7 and has a wide range of public channels.

Users can get their own password protected channels by purchasing VIP.


CS:GO Jailbreak

Our Jailbreak server is one of our most popular game servers so far. With great admins and our own plugins, you'll get a unique Jailbreak experience!

The Jailbreak server is currently in Swedish only.


CS:GO Murder

The brand new gamemode; Murder. Trinityplay is the official community for the Murder gamemode in CS:GO!



Being a Civilian on GTA RP is really up to you. You have the power to create any story you want. So let your imagination take you where ever you would like to go.